Resin Bond

The industry has experienced strong growth and requires the use of materials and alloys which are increasingly difficult to work. The need for more durable and efficient machine tools of high quality has continued to grow. We therefore offer a full range of resin products for cutting, grinding, finishing and polishing. The diversity of our bonds as well as diamond varieties can meet all your machining requirements.


Examples of use :


  • Bearings, transmission gears, washers, tappet shims, compressor parts, vane, pump vanes and rotors, precision springs

Double Disk

Resin bond cBN wheels are used for double-disc surface grinding of the inner and outer race surfaces of bearings, transmission gears, washers, tappet shims, compressor parts…etc. These are applicable to a wide range of materials, such as high-speed tool steel, die steel, spring steel, bearing steel, carbon tool steel, cast iron, etc. Our superior know-how for this wide surface wheel is applied in cBN distribution, consistent bond quality and dimensional accuracy.

    Double Disk