The diversified business sectors of Asahi Diamond Industrial Europe

Asahi Diamond is involved in various business sectors, including the manufacturing of diamond and cBN tools, for transportation, electronic components and semiconductors, as well as for civil engineering, mining operations, and road construction.

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At Asahi Diamond Industrial Europe, we are present in numerous business sectors, allowing us to understand the specific needs of each customer. We firmly believe that by listening attentively to our clients, we can offer customized products that perfectly meet their expectations. Whether it's in the automotive, aerospace, construction, or any other industry, we have the ability to target our customers' needs and provide suitable solutions. With our expertise in manufacturing diamond and cBN tools, we can address even the most complex requests and deliver products that meet the highest standards of quality.


With the presence of the automotive and aerospace industries, travel has become more accessible than ever before. Additionally, Information and Communication Technologies have enabled increased mobility across the world. Our high-quality diamond tools are essential for the production of innovative transportation components, demanding ever-higher precision and performance.

Outils associés à ce secteur d'activité

Meules cBN vitrifiées / cBN résines - Transports

Vitrified CBN Wheels / Resin CBN Wheels

Used to process a wide range of components for automobiles, aircraft, vessels, etc. They are particularly effective in improving production efficiency of engines, compressors and bearing parts.

Molettes de dressage diamant - Transports

Diamond Roller Dressers

Used for forming and dressing conventional wheels and CBN wheels, they support mass production by completing high precision full-form dressing in a short time.

Outils coupants - Transports

Cutting Tools

A range of drills, reamers, end mills, cutters, turning tools, and inserts designed for high precision and high efficiency machining of automobile engine and transmission parts, nonferrous metals and non-metals, hardened steel, cast iron, composite materials, etc.

Surfexe : Pâte diamantée, spay, tissus - Transports

Surfex : Diamond paste, spray, tissues

Large range of pastes, gels, suspensions, aerosols, diamond sprays for glass, glazed surfaces and various metals super-polishing.

Tool manufacturing

Advanced technologies continue to tackle the challenges of machining hard-to-cut materials. Furthermore, machining tools play a key role in the manufacturing industry. Robotics is an example of the significance of micron-level precision for seamless movements. As a tool manufacturer, we are committed to providing superior-quality products to enable precise and high-quality manufacturing of various materials.

Outils associés à ce secteur d'activité

Meules diamant / Meules cBN - Fabrication d'outils

Diamond Wheels / CBN Wheels

We provide wheels with various bond variations to suite specific applications and grinding methods, such as cutting tool sharpening and fluting.

Dresseurs fixes - Fabrication d'outils

Stationary Dressers

It corrects crushing, clogging, and truing of general grinding wheels, diamond wheels, and CBN wheels. Used for processing (truing, dressing) and profile(forming) to maintain good grinding efficiency and finishing accuracy.

Pièces d'usure - Fabrication d'outils

Wear Resistant parts

Using SUNPAX for key areas such as work material holder, sliding parts, and stylus, these wear-resistant tools help maintain high precision and high efficiency machining over time.

Electronic Components and Semiconductors

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has significantly enhanced productivity and accelerated the pace of production across all industries. As a result, it has led to the creation of new products and services. Our products leverage this technological revolution by enabling the processing of semiconductors and other precision devices. We are committed to delivering high-quality products to keep up with this global trend of innovation.

Outils associés à ce secteur d'activité

Disques de découpe fins diamant - Composants électroniques et semi-conducteurs

Diamond Cutters / Dicing Blade

Used for dicing wafers and processing precision electronic components. In particular, high precision cutters with thin blades are commonly used for a wide range of products including magnetic heads, high precision glass, electronic ceramics, and many others.

CMP Conditionneurs - Composants électroniques et semi-conducteurs

CMP Conditioners

Pad conditioners to restore a stable polishing rate in CMP process. Various specifications are available to suite diversifying pad materials.

Meules diamant - Composants électroniques et semi-conducteurs

Diamond wheels

Used in all processing phases of electronic components and circuit base materials, from ingot to device completion. We provide the most suitable wheel product for each specific objective, such as reducing damage or boosting productivity.

Civil Engineering - Mining Operations - Road Construction

The cities of the future will be characterized by the use of sustainable technologies and the establishment of large urban factories. The need to exploit underground resources and the establishment of water and gas networks will result in a high demand for civil engineering.

Outils associés à ce secteur d'activité

Outils de forage - Travaux publics, Industrie du BTP


Used for mineral resources, hot spring survey boring, dams, ground reinforcement for tunnel construction, excavation of injection holes and foundation ground confirmation work for civil engineering.

Disques pour machines portatives - Travaux publics, Industrie du BTP

Portable Cutters

A diverse range of cutters for various dry cutting applications, including concrete, asphalt, and novel building materials.

Disques de tronçonnage diamants - Travaux publics, Industrie du BTP

Diamond Saw Blades

High quality blades for road cutting, demolition and renovation works designed to improve efficiency.

Câble de tronçonnage diamant - Travaux publics, Industrie du BTP

Diamond Wire Saws

Used for seismic retrofitting and dismantling of concrete structures, these products significantly improve work efficiency while contributing to the environment with reduced noise and dusts. A full range of selection is available to suite different operation conditions.

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