Terms and conditions of sale

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1 – Application of general conditions

1.1 – Professional practices.

The present general conditions codify proven professional practices based on the technical specificities of the profession. As such, they constitute the professional reference. Symop’s professional general terms and conditions of business for the production and supply of equipment, components and tools have been filed and registered with the Clerk of the Court under no. 2009-993925.

1.2 – Application

These general terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of both parties and are intended to apply to all contractual relations between A.D.I.E. and the customer, hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”, and define their rights and obligations.

In accordance with article L441-6 of the French Commercial Code, these general terms and conditions constitute “the basis for commercial negotiation”. They form the legal basis of the contract, unless otherwise specified. The Customer’s terms and conditions of purchase have only propositional value. The present general terms and conditions supersede any clauses to the contrary formulated in any way by the Customer if A.D.I.E. has not explicitly accepted them. Any deviation from the general terms and conditions, in favor of the Customer, may justify consideration. Any order or acceptance of an offer from

A.D.I.E. implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The invalidity of any of the clauses of these general terms and conditions shall not affect the validity of the other clauses.

1.3 – Legal status of the contract.

The present general terms and conditions are governed by the law of contracting when they apply to the construction of equipment on the basis of a specification or to the provision of a service. They are governed by sales law only when they apply to the supply of standard products.

2 – Contractual documents

The following documents form an integral part of the contract

The following do not form part of the contract: commercial documents, catalogs, advertisements, correspondence, price lists not expressly mentioned in the special conditions.

3 – Orders

3.1 – Acceptance

The contract is only valid subject to express acceptance by

A.D.I.E. of the order or letter of intent. Acceptance of the order is made by any written means. Any order accepted by A.D.I.E. shall be deemed to imply acceptance by the Customer of A.D.I.E.’s offer.

The contract shall be limited to the supplies and services expressly mentioned in the contract.

A.D.I.E. reserves the right to accept or reject any order.

3.2 – Modifications

Any modification of the contract requested by either party is subject to the express acceptance of the other party.

Nevertheless, A.D.I.E. may make any technical modification to the product as long as this modification has no negative impact on the utility value or performance of the product ordered.

3.3 – Cancellation

The order expresses the Customer’s irrevocable consent. Consequently, if the Customer requests cancellation of all or part of the order, A.D.I.E. shall be entitled to demand performance of the contract and full payment of the sums stipulated therein.

In the event of amicable termination of the contract, the Customer shall compensate A.D.I.E. for all costs incurred and for all direct and indirect consequences arising therefrom. In addition, any advance payments already made shall be retained by A.D.I.E. as an initial indemnity.

4 – Cooperation of the parties

4.1 – Supplier’s duties

The contract is only valid subject to express acceptance by

A.D.I.E. will take into account and comply with the Customer’s requests, within the limits of feasibility, compliance with the contract, and good practice. A.D.I.E. will inform the Customer, within the limits of its technical knowledge, of the constraints of the project and the possible effects of the product’s use.

In this respect, A.D.I.E. may provide the Customer with instructions for use and maintenance of the products, or with the technical manual upon delivery of the product.

4.2 – Duties of the Customer

The Customer is a professional with competence in his or her speciality in his or her capacity as a user, and is the sole master of the definition of his or her needs and constraints, and of the purpose of the product.